Music Lessons

We offer a variety of lessons here at the Jazzistic Society. All of the classes are weekly and run for a total duration of four months.

The natural artistry of singing, a perfect blend of breathing techniques and vocal strength, if one is not tone deaf. However, if for some reason, one is unsure if they are in tune, this is the perfect outlet where you can train and hone your listening capability.

Vocal Lessons:

Our vocal Instructor is highly experienced with thirty years of performing internationally and coaching vocal students of all ages.

It is FUN !
And you see RESULTS !

This is Nawal Follebouckt … and she is only 10 years old!!! :

Our classes are normally in a group of two students, attending a minimum of four x 1 hr 45 minutes lessons at $60/$55 per person (non-members/members).

Wind Instrument Lessons:

Wind instrument lessons are generally conducted on Sunday afternoons by seasoned teachers. Topics covered include pitch control, improvisation, reading, etc. One-on-one 45 minutes lessons at $80/$75 (non-members/members) will get you valuable time with an experienced teacher.

Keyboard / Guitar / Drumset Lessons:

Non-wind instrument lessons are conducted on weekend afternoons and cover individual instrument techniques in addition to improvisation. One-on-one 45 minutes lessons at $80/$75 (non-members/members)

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