Dance and Fitness

Dance and Fitness :

Dance Classes help people to train their ear and better understand how to feel and express the music with their footwork. The classes are great fun and help you to have great coordination between what you hear and how you move your feet.

All classes are S$20/S$18.50 (Members / Non-Members) per person per one hour lesson, minimum four lessons.  Total course duration is four months and lessons are normally held on weekend afternoons.

Zumba is a dance fitness programme that involves dance and aerobic elements making it fun and exhilarating for all. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, meringue, and mambo as well as squats and lunges, making it the perfect dance and fitness workout for the whole body.


Belly Dancing is great for everyone including children and, in particular, is good for posture, suppleness and confidence building.

BellySalsa dance includes all the elements of an effective workout while performing movements related to the hot style of Salsa. Salsa is actually a dance style created specifically for Salsa music.

In general, salsa dance is oriented as a partner dance style, however, Salsa is often performed solo and has become increasingly popular and is similar to the Mambo style of dance.


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