Jazzistic Society is an artist development center, founded by the late Tony Castillo in 2010. Our aim is to provide budding musicians, of all ages, with the opportunity and facilities to hone and develop their respective talents.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of these people passionate for the music and entertainment world. We are a non-profit organization always willing to collaborate with others in any kind of creative, educational and entertainment activities that requires our services and venue.  Although we offer services such as venue hire, music lessons, etc.; we are far more than the ordinary music studio.

We provide many options for the interested to develop their skills. Our regular jam sessions on weekend nights (6-11 pm) are one such example. Through options like these, new musicians gain everything from jamming experience to exposure to local, seasoned musicians. Here at the Jazzistic Society is a chance for everyone to perform in the warmest environment.

We offer a membership for the patrons who frequently utilize our facilities. Members enjoy discount on the use of studios and the venue. Also, we offer discounts on the variety of lessons here at Jazzistics. Membership is available at S$50/year for Musicians and S$70/year for non-Musicians.

Please contact us for any inquiries.

Please be aware that no outside food or drink is allowed here at the Jazzistic Society. 10251931_10152081299343553_4959578496706131280_n

Tony Castillo – A Trumpet Legend

1946 – 2010

Back L to R : David Chen, Horace Wee, Bach Cheong, Frisco Soliano, Les Waddle, Jimmy Gan, Rufino Soliano, Tony Castillo, Billy Martinez, Ernesto Daroya,
Middle L to R : Louis Soliano, Louis Armstrong, Jerry Soliano, Front : Terry Tay

The father of modern Jazz Louis Armstrong (also known as Pops and Satchmo) was in Singapore. This is a picture taken in 1964 at the Goodwood Park Hotel with many of the top Singaporean Jazz musicians, including the late great Singaporean jazz star Tony Castillo, who Satchmo called “Boy Satchmo”.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I am still learning jazz guitar but would like to get to know about jazz musician whether professional or amateur. Is the jam session during the weekend still on? If so, is there requirement in terms of the experience/skill, I can improve the “so what”, although it’s not perfect !

    Many thanks
    Simon Ko
    Jazz music lover

    • Hi Simon,
      Thank you for your inquire, yes we do have jam session every Sunday night.
      We have professional and sometimes amateur musicians that come over to jam.
      On improvement the more you practice the better you get, a lot of amateurs have join our jam nights and they have improve.
      even for the professional they find there’s still room for improvement… You are most welcome to join us and i guess you can take it from there.


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